Mezzanine investments in real estate projects focused on Germany

In times of low interest rates, real estate mezzanine investments are an attractive alternative for investors. Because of its strong macroeconomic conditions, the German market is still considered a safe haven for real estate investors.
Attractive yields combined with a fixed interest rate
Mezzanine investments offer high returns and a controlled cashflow.
Short durations
Durations of 12 – 36 months guarantee flexibility in an alternating market environment and allow fast disinvestment.
Appropriate risk profile
Every investment incorporates subordinated sponsor equity as a buffer and a property as direct or indirect security.

Our investment focus


Asset classes and locations

  • Residential and commercial properties
  • Special and operator-run properties
  • A- and B-cities in the DACH-region with more than 200,000 residents
  • Greater London area

Project types

  • Construction
  • Portfolio development
  • Property acquisition
  • Land development
  • Privatization

Capital structure

  • Mezzanine capital: EUR 3 - 20 M
  • Project volume: EUR 20 - 200 M
  • Co-investment: From EUR 200,000
  • Co-investors can join in various stages of the project

Why Linus

We invest our own capital in every deal. We are not an intermediary.

Aligned interests of Linus and the co-investors

LINUS contributes at least 25 % of the investment volume from its own capital. As investors, we are fully commited to the success of every project.

Transparent cost structure and professional reporting

The cost structure of every project is accessible at any time. Every investor receives a user friendly digital report.

Individual investment selection

Co-investors have the possibility to invest flexibly in the projects of their choice. We provide the relevant information for all our investments on our digital platform.

Exclusive projects

Our network of excellent property developers provides a constant dealflow. Linus secures the deals and makes them accessible to our co-investors.

Experiences of our co-investors

Linus does an excellent job on every single project. They select interesting projects for us and analyze them extensively during the due diligence phase. As a result, in connection with our own project analysis, we can assess if the investment is of interest to us as a co-investor. We have already invested in several projects with Linus.
Christoph Zapp, Managing Partner of the real estate multi-family office PAMERA Real Estate Partners GmbH
The key point to us is that Linus is the lead investor. Similar interests are the cornerstone for a strong cooperative relationship for us. The Linus Team thus is fully committed to providing quality at the highest professional level.
Vivian Strosek, Managing Director Feondor Group
The Linus team does terrific work and steers the investment process with great confidence. For us as an insurer, Linus is an excellent partner that provides us with attractive co-investment opportunities and structures them for us. Throughout the deal execution Linus has been a very professional and solution-oriented partner.
Benedikt Gabor, Head of Real Estate and Equity Investments at Deutsche Rück



What is the minimum investment amount at Linus?

Our minimum investment amounts are project specific, but at least above EUR 200,000.

What is the financial scale of investments with Linus?

Linus invests EUR 3 - 20 M mezzanine capital in individual property developments.

When and how do I receive payments from Linus?

Principal and interest payments typically occur as bullet payments at maturity. If investments provide ongoing interest payments, these proceeds are distributed to investors immediately.

Who is responsible for the investments at Linus?

Our experienced investment managers are responsible for each individual investments. We provide you with longstanding experience in finance and real estate investments.

How does the investment process work at Linus?

You register on our platform. Once your account is activated you can start investing. We apply state of the art security measures during each step of the investment process. Through our digital reporting we provide you with full transparency on your investments. Our team is always available to answer your questions.

What is the typical investment duration?

Investment durations typically range from 12 to 36 months. Exceptions are rare but possible.
We could not answer all your questions? We know that mezzanine investments are a complex topic.
Please do not hesitate to contact us: +49 (0) 30 629 3968 10. We are happy to set up an in-person meeting with you.
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