Strategic partnerships with developers

Linus Capital gives property developers the freedom to fully focus on their project. We are looking for a long-term partnership in every project.


Linus has a diverse portfolio that also includes complex project structures.


Linus has extensive backfunding that guarantees the funding of every approved project.
41 realized projects


Because of our private and entrepreneurial spirit, Linus can conduct investment decisions very quickly.
4 weeks
Usual duration from financing request until payment


All investors of Linus are carefully selected and commit themselves to maintaining extensive confidentiality.
100 %
Absolute discretion in dealing with sensitive data.

Our investment focus


Asset classes and locations

  • Residential and commercial properties
  • Special and operator-run properties
  • A- and B-cities in the DACH-region with more than 200,000 residents
  • Greater London Area

Project types

  • Ground up development
  • Value add
  • Property acquisition
  • Land development
  • Privatization

Investment terms

  • Investment capital: EUR 5 - 80 M
  • Loan to cost: max. 95 %
  • Duration: 12 - 48 months
  • Flexible capital structure for individual projects

Financing with Linus

Financing request
Contact us. We will get in touch with you as quickly as possible to discuss further details.
Indicative offer
Our investment team quickly examines your documents and provides an indicative offer.
Term sheet
After a successful initial analysis the term sheet will be signed. It includes the core points of the financing contract.
We conduct the due diligence within a short period of time, sign the contracts and release the funds.

Contact us

Initiate financing request

Experiences of our partners

Even in a complex and intense transaction Linus Capital was at all times fast, focused on getting the deal done and absolutely reliable. Linus works with the highest standards of professionalism which is a key condition for any cooperation with Centrum.
Thorsten Schwertel, CFO Centrum
We have financed several projects together with Linus Capital. The close cooperation and the high level of competence in the team of Linus gave us the possibility to fully focus on our projects and we had a reliable partner at our side who enabled us to act quickly and professionally in the market.
Mark Heydenreich, Managing Director FORTIS Group
We have worked with Linus Capital in multiple projects. We could always rely on Linus’ trademark: transaction speed and certainty. As a reliable partner, Linus enables us to act quickly and professionally in the market.
Sebastian Fischer, Board of Directors PRIMUS Immobilien



How much mezzanine capital does Linus typically provide?

Linus invests EUR 5 - 80 M as mezzanine capital or whole-loan in individual property developments.

Which asset classes does Linus finance?

Linus finances developments of residential, commercial and operator-run properties.

In which cities does Linus finance projects?

Linus finances property developments in A-and B-cities of the DACH-region as well as the Greater London Area.

During which project stage does Linus provide financing?

LINUS is also able to invest during early project stages, even if they present a legal planning risk.

What is the typical term of a Linus investment?

Investments typically run for 12 to 36 months. Exceptions are possible.

What equity share is required for project financing by Linus?

The required equity share is dependent on the project´s business plan. 5% of the total investment cost are usually the minimum.

How does the financing process with Linus work?

You send us a financing request for your project. Our investment team will review the documentation for your project. After a successful initial examination, the term sheet is signed. We will do the due diligence within a few weeks and you will receive your mezzanine capital.

What collateral is required for project financing by Linus?

Linus requires collateral to secure the financing of each project. The exact form of collateral depends on the respective project. Charges on the property recorded in the land registry are not mandatory.
We could not answer all your questions? We know that project funding is a complex topic.
Please do not hesitate to contact us: +49 (0) 30 629 3968 10. We are looking forward to a personal meeting with you.